What is the CML Society

 Mission and Vision

Established in 2006, the CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia) Society of Canada provides support, education and information on CML, current and emerging treatments and research initiatives for people living with CML and their families. The mission of the CML Society is to help reduce suffering and improve care and the quality of life of CML patients.

Treatment of CML has drastically extended survival with the advent of targeted tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI).  The CML Society of Canada, acts as the eyes, ears and voice of its CML community, working to change the treatment paradigm as well as the course of this disease while supporting its constituents.

The CML Society of Canada also supports organizations in their effort into finding a cure for CML.

In June 2012, The CML Society of Canada moved our website to a new platform and re-vamped our functionality of our website.  Consequently we lost some of the stats that used to be on our home page.  Since 2006, we have had over 130,000 visits and our unique monthly visitors are trending in the 10,000 area.

Whats Trending on our Website?: Our Glossary of CML terminology has been downloaded over 2,000 this year alone.  As well, our drug-to-food interaction charts have been accessed/downloaded over 1,000 this year alone.  Visitors have downloaded/viewed our media video links close to 800 times so far this year.


We receive unrestricted educational grants from a number of very generous sponsors.  We also receive sponsorship from major corporations who wish to remain anonymous.

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