What is My PCR?

The CML Society of Canada is happy to announce that we have partnered with many CML Patient Advocate groups around the world with the help of The Max Foundation to help bring greater awareness of the importance of PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) testing in CML.

The “What is MY PCR?” campaign aims to increase awareness of the need to monitor CML treatment and the right of every patient to know their test results. The campaign is a patient driven global awareness effort, carried out in partnership with a coalition of CML-focused organizations, with the goal of optimization of clinical outcomes for people living with CML.

The goals of the “What is MY PCR?” initiative are:

  1. To increase patient awareness of the importance of monitoring the level of residual disease
  2. To increase patient understanding of the milestones in CML treatment
  3. To increase patients’ involvement in their treatment
  4. To increase local community awareness of the needs of CML patients

The CML Society of Canada produced an educational video in 2009, created by CML patients for CML patients to learn about PCR, what it is and how it is used to monitor treatment milestones in CML.  We are delighted that the global campaign features our video and we are very happy to contribute to this important awareness program

It’s your right to know your test results so always remember to ask your healthcare provider “What is MY PCR?”

Download a copy of the FAQ of the What is My PCR Campaign, featuring Dr. M. Mauro from OSHU

Visit our page dedicated to explaining PCR with a link to a short video

Download your free PCR Tracker APP for your iPhone, Android or iPad

Order your free WHAT IS MY PCR buttons today!


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