Glossary of CML Terms

CML Glossary (and abbreviations)

Richard Rockefeller, MD.

Updated in 2015 by the CML Society of Canada.


Included here are terms specifically related to the disease of CML, as well as some other terms which have been used at one time among fellow CMLers – but which may not be so central to understanding CML the disease. CML terms are asterisked (‘*’d).

We wish to thank Dr. Richard Rockefeller for allowing us to update and use this CML Glossary, which he originally prepared for us in, May of 2001.  (Dr. Rockefeller, himself a CML patient, supported CML research and did much to further the understanding of CML.  He died tragically in 2014 in an unrelated accident.)

We are pleased to provide you with you a downloadable version of a glossary of terms commonly used when speaking about CML.

Searchable Glossary of Terms Frequently Used with CML


Downloadable PDF:

CML Glossary

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