Success in Ontario!

The CML Society of Canada is very pleased to recognize the work of the Province of Ontario for prioritizing equitable access to treatments for CML patients and their treating physicians.

We certainly hope that the news spreads so that other Provinces can join in.

Emerging information in CML treatment highlights the critical need for patients diagnosed with CML to achieve important milestones in treatment therapy much earlier than was ever anticipated.  Reaching these treatment milestones may improve the chances of many CML patients to even consider stopping treatment and effectively remaining in a stabile remission.  Which is what we would consider very close to a cure.

We call upon all provinces in Canada to work with us to help make equitable access to importnat CML treatment a priority and by recognizing the important role of both Sprycel (Dasatinib) and Tasigna (Nilotinib) as a first line of treatment for CML.

Let’s continue to work towards The Right Drug, for the Right Patient at the Right Dose at the Right Time!


Link to our press release:

Ontario Leads the way in removing barriers to treatment options

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