Skills for Healing

Thanks to our Friends Dr. Rob Rutledge and Dr. Timothy Walker for putting together this unique, over the internet ‘Skills for Healing’ workshop.

What: The ‘Skills for Healing’ blood cancer day-long seminar / webcast. Learn about integrative medicine (combining conventional care with ways to empower body, mind and spirit), mindfulness-based stress reduction, cognitive reframing, meditation, Qi gong, and insights shared by live audience members.  This is an experiential seminar (people should be prepared to practice the healing skills as they learn them).

Who is offering this webcast: Dr. Rob Rutledge, an Oncologist and Associate Professor at Dalhousie University, and Dr. Timothy Walker, a Psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher in Halifax, Canada. Together they have run hundreds of talks and webcasts and over 40 weekend retreats in 23 cities across Canada and abroad through their registered charity

When: Saturday September 13, 8:30am-3pm EST

For whom: Anyone affected by any type of blood cancer of any stage – and their loved ones. Ideal for groups of two or more people to watch together.

How: Free to anyone with high-speed internet anywhere by visiting at the time of the webcast.  Follow ‘webcasts in progress’ link.  People can watch the archived version of the entire webcast by visiting this website after September 13.

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