Resources – Patient Educational and Navigational Aids

Patient Navigational tools:

Patient information brochures.  Each brochure offers guidance on coping and management skills to help you on your journey with CML

For the newly diagnosed: What Now?

Getting ready for the journey: Fighting Back

Staying Healthy on the path to recovery: Feeling Well

Living and staying healthy on the path to the cure: Long Term Living

Understanding Polymerase Chain Reaction – PCR

PCR Animation Video


Self Assessment Form

Drug interaction Chart

Carolyn Blasdel video of her excellent talk in Montreal – A must view for all CML patients

Advocating and raising awareness – CML Awareness Day (c)

Since CML is rare in children, there isn’t much direct information specifically about CML.¬† However, below is the link to the three part series from the Charlie Brown gang titled “Why Charlie Brown Why” it helps young children to understand a bit about Leukemia, and it also offers much hope and encouragement.

Part I – Linus falls for a new girl at school who finds out that she must go to the hospital for cancer treatment – Leukemia

Part II – Charlie Brown and Linus visit Janice in the hospital and she tells them she has Leukemia

Part III – Janice undergoes more treatment, and finally returns back to school with her friends.


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