Knowledge and Empowerment

Self advocating allows the knowledgeable CML patient to become a highly engaged patient.  Studies have shown that engaged patients may have a higher success rate of achieving better results with their overall health care (ref 1.)

We have developed some very cool tools to help you get started towards your own journey of empowerment.

Click on the topics below to start your journey

Basic Biology of CML

Basic Blood Test

Bone Marrow Biopsy

FISH – Medical Test

Glossary of CML Terminology 

Participating in Industry Sponsored Market Research – what are my responsibilities?

Patient Educational and Navigational Tools

Everything you need to know about CML monitoring – Polymerase Chain Reaction  – PCR

Questions to ask your Doctor

Published by The CML Society of Canada:

Treating CML Improving Management Through Understanding of the Patient Experience




Ref 1.)  Patient engagement leads to better outcomes

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