Important Notice Regarding generic imatinib mesylate

Notice regarding independent patient activities linked to the generic imatinib mesylate issue: 

The CML Society of Canada does not endorse or condone independent patient activity that is aimed at inciting other patients, friends and family members to SPAM government offices with email alleging that generic imatinib mesylate is harmful to patients.  In fact there is no data to infer that.

 The CML Society of Canada is very committed to promoting the idea of giving generic imatinib mesylate a fair chance while insisting that patients who are switched to the generic formulations available in Canada are carefully monitored by their healthcare team.  Furthermore, we ask that any patient who has had a serious side effect with the generic formulation report their experience to Health Canada as a consumer, by following the link provided on our website.

The CML Society of Canada is committed to working with all stakeholders on issues such as these in an un-biased, transparent and well informed manner.  

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