Current Focus – Sustainable Drug Access & Treatment Monitoring

We believe in joining our voices with fellow cancer patient organizations as well as other not-for-profit/charitable organizations who dedicate their work to finding better ways to help everyone access affordable, sustainable and safe medicines.

Here are three issues we are currently passionate about:

Access to Affordable Medicines for All

Fair and Equitable Oral Cancer Drug Parity in Canada – CanCertainty

Access to Affordable Cancer Drugs for American Cancer Patients

Additionally, we believe that the introduction of generic oral cancer drugs in Canada can play an important role towards sustainable drug costs.  We have carefully examined the issue of generic imatinib and are pleased to provide our position on the use of generic imatinib for Canadian CML patients.  Please visit our position statement by clicking on this link:

Position Statement of The CML Society of Canada Regarding Generic imatinib

Even the WHO believes that Cancer medicine isn’t just for the wealthy.  They’ve added Gleevec (TM) to their essential medicines list:

Cancer drugs being added to the WHO essential medicines list

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