CML Glossary ‘T’



*T153I = a particular mutation which, when present in cells carrying the bcr-abl oncogene in sufficient proportions, renders CML resistant to first and second generation TKIs.


*Tasigna = the branded name of nilotinib, a TKI from Novartis.


TP = total protein (a measure of the amount of protein in the serum; used to assess nutritional status and the functioning of various organs, especially of the digestive system).


*Translocation = where a bit of genetic material from one chromosome (humans have a total of 46 chromosomes) is swapped with a bit from another chromosome. In CML, a piece (called “abl”) from chromosome # 9 is swapped onto a segment (called “bcr”) on chromosome #22 to create the “bcr-abl oncogene” that causes this disease.


*TFR = treatment free remission pertains to CML patients who continue to have a complete molecular response after treatment discontinuance.  Patients in TFR are followed very closely with monthly PCR tests at the beginning.  Patients in TFR must be followed up in a clinical setting.

TSH = Thyroid Stimulating Hormone – a measure of thyroid function (when the TSH is high, thyroid function is generally low, and vice versa)


*Tyrosine Kinase = enzymes involved in many kinds of communication within cells. The bcr-abl gene codes for an abnormal tyrosine kinase that causes much of the mischief in CML.


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