CML Glossary ‘S’



*SCT = stem cell transplant


Sib = sibling


Sx = symptoms


*Signal transduction inhibitor (STI) = one of the most exciting types of molecules in cancer research, STIs inhibit enzymes that carry out the actions which make cancer cells behave as they do: multiplying too fast, living too long, invading other tissues, etc. Gleevec is an STI and was long known as STI 571.


*Sokal Score = a prognostic score used in CML that calculates variable risks based on platelets and blasts percentage, age of patient and spleen size at diagnosis


*Sprycel = The branded name of dasatinib, a TKI from Bristol Myers Squibb.


*Stem cell = a progenitor, or “primitive” cell. Stem cells are ancestors of all the cell types in the body, including blood cell types. It is more accurate to speak of “hematopoetic (of blood origin) stem cells” when referring to the progenitor cells involved in leukemia.


*Stem Cell Transplant (SCT = previously known as bone marrow transplant or BMT (these terms and abbreviations are used interchangeably, but SCT is technically more correct) = a procedure in which the patient’s bone marrow cells are replaced with a donor’s marrow cells in hopes of curing a disease. There are two different types of SCT: conventional and non-myeloablative.


*STI = signal transduction inhibitor


*STI-571 = chemical name for Gleevec (the generic name is imatinib).


Synergistic = refers to the general condition where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. When two drugs work together synergistically, it means they have more of an effect than one could predict merely by adding their two effects together; compare to additive.


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