CML Glossary ‘P’



PAPs = Patient Assistance Programs


Patient Assistance Programs = programs created by pharmaceutical and medical supply manufacturers to help financially needy patients purchase their necessary medications and supplies.


*PB = Peripheral (circulating) Blood


*PBPC = Peripheral Blood Progenitor Cells


pCODR = pan Canadian Oncology Drug review; now falls under the auspices of CADTH.


*PCR = polymerase chain reaction


*PCR test = polymerase chain reaction test


*PCRU = PCR Undetectable – a recent (and perhaps more accurate) term for molecular remission.


*PEG-IFN = pegylated interferon: interferon (IFN) that has PEG (PolyEthylene Glycol) molecules attached to it. PEG gives IFN a longer half-life in the body, and may reduce the drug’s toxicity and increase its effectiveness.


*Ph = Philadelphia Chromosome.


*Ph+ and Ph- = refers to the presence and absence, respectively, of the Philadelphia chromosome in white blood cells of CML patients. The proportion of Ph+ to Ph- cells is used to track progress in treating the disease: anything less than you started with is called a Cytogenetic Response (CR); 35% or less Ph+ is a Major Cytogenetic Response (MCR), and 0% Ph+ is a Complete Cytogenetic Response (CCR).


*Philadelphia chromosome (Ph)= is a term used to describe the abnormal appearance certain chromosomes (chromosome #22), in dividing white blood cells found in 95% of people who have CML. The Philadelphia chromosome results from a mutation that involves the swapping of genetic material between chromosome # 9 and chromosome #22 (see bcr-abl)


*Phillies = abbreviation for philadephia chromosome positive (Ph+) cells, coined by members of the YahooGroups CML list.


Pleural Effusion  = abnormal amount of fluid around the lung


*Plts = platelets


*Polys = polymorphonuclear leukocytes (neutrophils)


*Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test = a very sensitive test which can be used to detect the presence of very low levels of specific genetic material (DNA). It is used to detect, and sometimes to quantify, bcr-abl in bone marrow cells of patients with CML. The most sensitive PCR tests can detect as few as one in 100,000,000 cells. PCR can use blood or bone marrow.  For an explanation of how PCR works, see /riley.html


Prognosis = the likely course of a disease


Prognostic Factors = a clinical or biological factor that can be objectively measured.  In the context of CML this relates to SOKAL score.


PROT = abbreviation for total protein in a blood sample


Protocol = a set of rules or guidelines to follow a particular treatment path.  In the context of CML this can pertain to whether you take your TKI on a full or empty stomach


PT = Physical Therapy or Physical Therapist


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