CML Glossary ‘N’



*NCCN = National Comprehensive Cancer Network; this American group has prepared guidelines in CML management to direct physician care with respect to CML; along with ELN guidelines, NCCN guidelines are considered to be the minimum standard of care for CML patients.


Neutrophils = the type of myeloid white blood cell which is most increased in CML. Also referred to as polys (polymorphonuclear leukocytes); granulocytes (though this term also includes other types of white cells, such as basophils and eosinophils); and neutrophils.

Nilotinib = generic name for the oral tyrosine kinase cancer inhibitor that targets bcr-abl, KIT, and platelet derived growth factor receptor (PDGFR). It is 80 times more potent than Gleevec.


NMDP = National Marrow Donor Program


*NMSCT = non-myeloablative stem cell transplant (“mini-transplant”).

Also called NST


*Non-myeloablative (as in non-myeloablative stem cell transplant):

myelo = marrow; ablative = destructive. So non-myeloablative stem cell transplant is one in which the patient’s marrow is not totally destroyed prior to receiving the donors stem cells.


NSAID = nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs – such as ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.


Neutropenia = an unusually low number of neutrophils


*NST = another acronym for non-myeloablative stem cell transplant.


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