CML Glossary ‘M’



Major histocompatibility complex

(MHC) = a group of 3 linked genes (MHC I, II and III) that code for cell surface antigens. The MHC antigens are used to determine compatibility of donors and recipient stem cells.


*Matched Related Donor (MRD) = in the setting of CML, a stem cell donor whose stem cells match those of the related patient on six out of six (6/6) different antigens.

*MCR = major cytogenetic response (see cytogenetic response).


Mcg (or μg) = microgram (1/1,000,000th of a gram) –

a measurement of quantity of, say, drug dose.


MCH= Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin or Mean Cell Hemoglobin

(MCH = Hemoglobin x 10/RBC)


MCHC = Mean Corpuscular

Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC = Hemoglobin x 100/Hematocrit)


Mcl = microliter (or μL)


MCV = Mean Corpuscular Volume or Mean Cell Volume (MCV = Hematocrit x 10/RBC) – a measure of red blood cell volume.


Mg = milligram – 1/1000th of a gram


*Milestones = the time point at which it is considered optimal to reach cytogenetic and molecular parameters during therapy (e.g. CCyR, MMR and CMR based on ELN and NCCN guidelines).


*Mini-transplant = non-myeloablative stem cell transplant (mini-transplant) – a type of stem cell transplant in which the patient’s marrow (myelo-) is not destroyed (ablated) prior to the transplant procedure.


*Minimal residual disease = a term used mainly in the setting of stem cell transplantation for CML, where bcr-abl is still detectable by PCR, but cytogenetics are negative, or nearly so.


MIU, or MU = million units

(in CML treatment, for example, dosages of interferon-alpha are measured in MU).


*Molecular remission (or response) = defined as a negative PCR or other negative molecular test.

Dr. Druker prefers to call this

“PCR undetectable, or PCRU”


Mono = monocyte; a type of white blood cell.


*MPD = myeloproliferative disorder


*MR = molecular response, or molecular remission


*MMR = major molecular response, or major molecular remission – defined as 0.01 on the IS or as a -3 log reduction.


*MRD = Matched Related Donor or Minimum Residual Disease.

MU = Million units.


*MUD = Matched Unrelated Donor (see matched related donor).


Mutation = in the context of CML, it means that there are additional changes in the genes creating additional mutations, not just the bcr-abl mutation.


*Myelofibrosis = replacement of blood stem cells in the bone marrow with fibrous tissue. Myelofibrosis occurs as a complication of CML and of its treatments, especially interferon.


*Myeloid = of or related to the bone marrow


*Myeloproliferative disorder (MPD) = a family of diseases involving the over production of one or another marrow cell types. CML is a myeloproliferative disorder.


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