CML Glossary ‘I’



iClusig = branded name for ponatinib from Ariad (marketed by Paladin in Canada); a TKI that is used to treat CML patients who are either refractory to all other CML treatments or who have a T315I mutation.


*IFN = interferon


IFN-a = interferon-alpha, specifically, interferon-alpha 2a, the type of interferon used to treat some patients with CML.


*IM = imatinib mesylate, the brand name for Gleevec (Glivec, outside the US and Canada)


INESSS = institut national d’excellence en sante et en services sociaux.  Its mission is to promote clinical excellence and efficient use of resources in Quebec’s health and social sectors. (


INT = interferon

(the official abbreviation is IFN)


*Interferon = a chemical which is produced normally by mammalian cells in order to fight infection and cancer. It is now produced by recombinant DNA techniques, and used as a therapeutic drug for a number of diseases, including CML.


Intravenous = IV = within a vein


*IS = International Scale – PCR standardization protocols that will ensure that all laboratories that process PCR’s are held to the same standards throughout the world.  PCR results that have been processed using the IS will be reported as a percentage rather than a log reduction.


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