CML Glossary ‘E’



*ELN = European LeukemiaNet: this European group has prepared guidelines in CML management to direct physician care with respect to CML; along with NCCN guidelines, ELN guidelines are considered to be the minimum standard of care for CML patients.



* Enzyme = a protein that catalyzes changes in other biological substances. Too many white cells are produced in CML because of an abnormal tyrosine kinase enzyme – whose sole activity is sticking phosphate molecules onto tyrosine molecules. It’s hard to imagine that so much mischief could be caused

by such a simple act!


EPO = a brand name for artifically produced Erythropoietin, a hormone that stimulates red blood cell production, for example, Procrit or Eprex.


*Erythrocyte = red blood cell (erythro = red; cyte = cell)


*Erythropoietin = a hormone that stimulates red blood cell production (see Procrit, EPO or Eprex).


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