CML Awareness Day ™ – History and Buttons

In 2008, The CML Society of Canada came up with a great idea.  What if we had a special day to raise awareness about all the wonderful discoveries that took place that drastically changed the course of this once always nearly fatal disease.

We thought if more of the world would know about it, then other patients suffering with other cancers would not lose hope.

With our leadership we are happy to report that other CML Patient Advocate groups around the world, now join us in celebrating CML Awareness Day™ with special events for patients in their countries.

As for Canada, we are the first country to get recognition from our government for our work and for raising awareness about CML and creating The CML Awareness Day ™

Click on the links below to learn some of the fun facts and historical events that helped us to drive this global initiative!

CML Awareness Day (c) – How did it begin?

Press Release from First CML Awareness Day (c)

CML Awareness Day (c) 2011

CML Awareness Day (c) 2010 our voices were heard on Parliament Hill and CML Awareness Day ™ became an offically recorded event in Canada.

CML Awareness Day (c) 2009

CML Awareness Day (c) 2008

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