ASH 2013 – Newsletter

The overarching themes for us of this years ASH is that there is a high percentage of more serious types of adverse events/side effects that are occurring with the newer TKI’s, but there is also much excitement towards increasing the number of patients who can be successfully managed off treatment as well.  With regards to the adverse events and side effects,many of these events can be better managed with more appropriate patient management.  Patients have to play a much more ‘engaged’ role in their health care by becoming better communicators with their healthcare teams.  Patients need to ensure that everyone on their healthcare team is aware if the patient has any comorbidities or health concerns that may increase their risk of a serious adverse event or side effect.  Patients should be closely monitored regarding blood pressure, cholesterol and general overall health as these are very important factors for patients to help them improve their health outcomes and increase their quality of life and success with TKI treatment.

We also saw that there is still a good level of research and excitement in general into finding out and solving more of the mysteries of CML.

Exciting times ahead for sure!

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