Making sure your voice is heard is one of the most important aspects regarding patient advocacy.

In August 2012 we will be launching a new Quality of Life survey.  Please make sure you answer the survey – it is YOUR health care. Every voice counts, your voice deserves to be heard.

The survey is different from other forms of research.  No Patients will be remunerated for their participation.  If you have been considering whether to participate in a market research project that offers remuneration, please follow the link and review some of the thoughts and suggestions we have compiled to help you protect yourself and your personal information.

Patients Responsibilities When Participating In Industry Sponsored Market Research

The CML Society has established and maintains ongoing communications with public bodies whose decisions impact the well-being of patients. The Society meets with both federal and provincial governments in order to ensure that it is kept apprised of developing activities and to help effect desired outcomes for the benefit of CML patients.

Currently there is a lack of consistency across Canada as all treatment options are not necessarily available in all provinces. Click on this link to download the Map of Shame, showing that Canada tied for last place when compared to 21 other countries.


Latest article from the Globe and Mail regarding the inequities of drug access in Canada

You may wish to write to your MP and remind them that all Canadians with CML should be afforded the same opportunities to fight their disease. To find out the name of your MPs:

Federal government

Find your Member of Parliament using your Postal Code.

Canadian Provinces and Territories:

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